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Zanna Newton has been running small group Pilates classes in Hertfordshire for over 10 years.

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The Classes

The Pilates movements are performed in a controlled, precise way to ensure good technique.


Zanna runs small group Pilates classes in Hertfordshire covering the areas around Stotfold, Royston, Hitchin, Baldock and Letchworth. You may choose a small class of 8 people or a larger group of maximum 14 people.



Who is Pilates for?


•People who want to improve muscle tone and posture for a longer, leaner appearance


•People recovering from, or wishing to prevent, back pain


•People who want to develop suppleness & muscle strength


•People who want to enhance other sporting activities and exercise in a way to prevent injury


•People who wish to boost confidence and general health


•People who need to encourage relaxation

and relieve stress

It is important to be in a class of the correct level to facilitate your progression.  The classes are run as short courses of 5-7 weeks.


Introduction to Pilates:

At the Introduction Classes you will find out how to improve your posture, engage your core muscles correctly and practice some fundamental Pilates moves, which will prepare you for the  Beginner Classes.


Beginner Pilates:

If you would like to join a beginner course you may need to attend a six week introduction course first.

In the beginner mat work class you will master the Pilates principles and basic exercises.


Improver , Intermediate and Advanced Pilates:

The improver and intermediate classes will challenge you further. You will be able to progress to more challenging levels of the exercises learnt in the beginner classes and learn additional moves.  Additional challenge will be provided with the use of small pieces of equipment such as a resistance band, the stability roll, pilates over-ball, fit ball and magic circle.  In the intermediate and advanced classes, more Classic Pilates moves are introduced when appropriate.


Individual or Private Group Classes:

Individual or small group sessions will provide you with extra attention to specific needs or stretch you towards achieving more advanced Pilates exercises.



Pilates classes near Royston:

ESSE Retail and Therapy

Station Road




Pilates classes Stotfold (easy to reach for people in Letchworth and Baldock):

The Memorial Hall

Hallworth Drive

Stotfold, Hertfordshire


The Roecroft Centre,

Church Road,

Stotfold, SG5 4NE


The Salvation Army

10 Church Rd

Stotfold, Hertfordhsire


Fairfield Park Lower School

Dickens Boulevard,

Hitchin, , Hertfordshire



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Choose from the the following Pilates classes in Hertfordshire:

What is Pilates?


Pilates is a conditioning exercise method that targets the deep postural muscles to improve core strength and posture. This method was originally developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate and train athletes, dancers and gymnasts, but today’s modified and adapted exercises, now termed Clinical Pilates, are suitable for anybody whatever your age or ability.


"Zanna's friendly classes are brilliant, with a structured programme to suit all levels."

Ros, Hitchin.

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Pilates classes at 4 venues in Stotfold & 1 venue near Royston.

More effective core muscles, which will strengthen your back and firm and flatten your abdominals

Pilates is your route to:

A rebalanced body with improved posture helping relieve stress and tension

Reduced risk of strain or injury and improved general health

Improved muscle tone and function promoting good joint mobility

A positive body image with good body awareness, providing a boost to your confidence

Spine Twist with Magic Circle: Mobilises the thoracic spine, working the muscles around the waist. A gentle controlled squeeze with the ring works the arms and chest, whilst challenging shoulder girdle stability.

Swimming on Hands and Knees: It is important to be in optimum body alignment before starting your exercise.


Hamstring Stretch: Stretching the back of the thigh with the assistance of the band, whilst keeping the torso stable. Short, tight hamstring muscles restrict flexibility and may increase the risk of lower back pain.

Advanced Swimming on Hands and Knees: Challenges the stability of the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle whilst moving opposite arms and legs.

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Social events

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Pilates Course Dates






Please see bottom of page and email Zanna to book your place.


I would like to thank you all for your very kind words and wonderful support.

Thank you also for your amazing commitment to continuing to exercise with me!


Many more enjoyed the virtual classes last week, and we also had a lot of fun!


I am looking forward to welcoming everyone to all the sessions this week and during the summer term.


Look after yourselves,    Love from   Zanna xxx


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Zanna following regulations and delivering online classes.  This is how she works from home to keep you in shape whilst social distancing. Classes have even been delivered from the garden!