Here are some photos of Zanna's Pilates Classes, along with descriptions of each Pilates exercise.




Forward Raise with Resistance Band: Learning to strengthen the shoulders and arms, whilst stabilising the spine and shoulder girdle.

Swimming on Hands and Knees: It is important to be in optimum body alignment before starting your exercise.


Hamstring Stretch: Stretching the back of the thigh with the assistance of the band, whilst keeping the torso stable. Short, tight hamstring muscles restrict flexibility and may increase the risk of lower back pain.

Advanced Swimming on Hands and Knees: Challenges the stability of the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle whilst moving opposite arms and legs.

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Spine Twist with Magic Circle: Mobilises the thoracic spine, working the muscles around the waist. A gentle controlled squeeze with the ring works the arms and chest, whilst challenging shoulder girdle stability.


Shoulder Bridge: Mobilises each joint in the spine, vertebra by vertebra, helping to unlock the lower spine. Strengthens the gluteal and abdominal muscles whilst opening the front of the hip.


Swimming on Hands and Knees: With improved body awareness you will feel if you are maintaining body alignment.

The Roll Up: Ready to start the Roll Up from a seated neutral position.

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The Pilates Magic Circle being used to strengthen the inner thigh muscles, whilst maintaining a lengthened neutral spine position.


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Sequence 1: A ‘low load’ core training exercise: Stabilising the pelvis and spine in neutral alignment whilst raising one leg to a ‘single knee fold’ position. It is important to master the low load exercises to promote good muscle recruitment patterns before moving onto the next level.


Double Leg Stretch.

An intermediate/advanced exercise. With a further increase in load, this exercise increases the challenge to the stabilising muscles.



Single Leg Stretch.

This exercise, with increased load and movement, further challenges the ability to stabilise the pelvis and spine. The arm movements mobilise the shoulder joints, and challenge coordination, and the stability of the shoulder girdle and the upper spine.



The Pilates Magic Circle is used in Heel Squeezes to further challenge core stability and the muscles around the hips.  




Shoulder Bridge with leg raise. A further challenge for the stabilising muscles, and for the buttocks and the abdominals.




Shoulder Bridge with the addition of arm raises challenges muscle strength and the ability to keep good alignment.




Sequence 2: The Shoulder Bridge.

The action of lifting the spine off of the mat, vertebra by vertebra, mobilises or unlocks each joint in the lower spine. The exercise strengthens the abdominals, buttocks and the back of the legs, whilst releasing lower back tension and opening out the front of the hips.