Janet said "I have been going to Pilates Classes with Zanna for several years, and recently started the ‘Apparatus Class’ on Wednesday lunchtimes.  It is a lot of fun to use all the different equipment, adding an extra dimension - and challenge - to the exercises."



Indira said "I have been attending Zanna's classes since 2006.  I find her classes very well organised, beautifully planned and designed to suit the level of the members in the class.  Zanna advises that new participants start in the Introduction to Pilates Course, then she gradually, sensibly and particularly moves the participant up through the grades.  She has an appealing manner, gentle, precise and concise, and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone - as I have already done many times."  (Jan 2015)


Annika from Papworth Everard said "I have been attending zanna's classes for over a year now. i feel more confident and i am certainly stronger and fitter then i have ever been before. Zanna is very clear in her instructions and supportive at all times.

it is also great fun. "


Charlotte said  "Having had an intermittent, but ongoing muscular back problem last year I finally tried Pilates. After a few months I no longer need pain relief or muscle relaxants.  I can feel that my core muscles have developed and have slowly improved and progressed with Zanna's teaching. Her classes are friendly, small groups where you are able to have exercises set to your own level, and have her advising and correcting your position when needed.  

I have never been able to get this coaching in other drop-in classes


Ros said  "There is no one better to promote Pilates than Zanna. From an informative introduction for beginners and at intermediate level each exercise is well demonstrated with a careful approach using her knowledge and experience of body and muscle movement.  Encouragement is always to hand with excellent teaching skills passing on an understanding to the class and enabling each movement to be safely carried out building up stamina and confidence when ready to move to the next level."


Jeannie said  "Having spent 2 years attending a 'Pain Clinic' for a deteriorating spine and being referred for physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy my doctor suggested I try Pilates.  Now 2 years on Zanna has taught me that exercise using core muscles to strengthen and support my spine has eased the pain, strengthened my back, increased my flexibility and encouraged body awareness.


Erica said  "I have been doing pilates now for some 3 years with Zanna. I do two classes a week and have found that my general fitness has improved tremendously through better strength, posture and breathing. All in all fantastic and  good fun too."


Joanne said  "I highly recommend Pilates with Zanna for a stronger, fitter body and an enjoyable exercise routine.""I have been going to Zanna's Pilates classes for just under 3 years now and I even continued throughout my pregnancy, Zanna showed me which exercises I could still do and which were particularly beneficial in pregnancy.  I carried on right up until I was 8 months pregnant and then returned 8 weeks after I had my baby.  I believe that it was due to pilates that I didn't suffer with any back pain during my pregnancy and that I recovered quickly afterwards".


Louise said  "High quality instructions.

A must for everybody who wants to be healthy, fit and strong."

(Two Pilates classes a week for 3 years with Zanna)


Janice said  "I have been having group lessons with Zanna for over two years. Zanna is enthusiastic about pilates and delivers a structured programme to a very high standard, this is reflected in the varied exercises experienced in the class. Other pilates instructors have been impressed with the quality of the exercises I have been taught; they are very precise, safe and accurate.

My biweekly classes have improved my posture and prevented injury in my active lifestyle which includes sports such as, tennis, running and golf.

 I couldn't recommend Zanna highly enough".







Maggie said  'Zanna has taught me aerobics for approximately five years and has encouraged me to try Pilates.  Although sceptical at first, I now find it very beneficial and it compliments my aerobic training really well.  Zanna is very professional and yet easily approachable and gives you confidence in your own ability.  She makes every session really enjoyable with a wide range of exercises and is able to adapt the complexity of the moves to suit your individual needs.  I would recommend her classes to anyone and challenge you not to be inspired by her sheer enthusiasm!"  


Raichelle said  '"Recovering from injury to my back and shoulder I’ve found individual Pilates sessions a real godsend.  Through the use of a gym ball, band and ring I’ve learnt to target specific muscle areas which have improved my posture no end and made me far more aware of triggers that exacerbate recurrent bouts of sciatica".


Barbara said  "Zanna has an excellent teaching style, always encouraging and confidence building. Her instructions are clear and concise both before and during exercises. Sessions are well-balanced and varied, with alternatives being given for students with particular health issues as well as various levels for more able students. In my case, the sessions with Zanna over 2+ years have provided a sustained increase in strength and mobility for muscle and joint problems".